Here we go again!  We got another 3 inches of snow overnight and into the morning.  Peter Kevin went out and cleared off the car before we left and we had to clear it off again when we left.  It snowed big, fat, light flakes so it cleared off fairly easily.

It compacted well and we could have had a terrific time making a snowman or throwing snowballs but somehow that didn't fly on a work morning.  At least it wasn't enough snow to need to use a snow day again.

Almost the only color in our landscape these days is the Stop sign at the end of our street and our neighbor's recycling bucket!  You can see the large lumps of snow/ice from the previous storms.  They're now covered by a softening blanket of new snow. 

Peter Kevin actually said he was tired of snow.  Since we don't usually get that much, this was unexpected.  I can understand, though.  The stuff is so pretty as it's falling and so festive.  After a few days it gets old.  Fast.  As it melts a bit at a time, it leaves ice everywhere.  It makes walking anywhere an adventure.  And there's been a lot of shovelling.  I hired some kids up the street to clear our sidewalks after one particularly enthusiastic snow storm.  They were happy for the money and I was happy to reward young business minded kids.

We went to dinner at The Royal Crackovia on Valentine's Day.   Peter Kevin is very good at surprising me with cards.  This one was stuck inside the cover to my ipad so I found it at lunch on Friday when I went to read the newspaper.  

Dinner was very eastern European.  The head chef is Polish and the two assistants are German and Ukranian.  We had pierogies and sausage and dumplings.  All very heavy and very tasty.  Not the place for a light meal!

Saturday morning we went to brunch and then to the bookstore to read magazines and just be out of the house for a bit.  It was sleeting as we drove home and then it snowed......

This is the third snowiest winter we've had since they've kept records.  You know how the meteorologists love their records.  I can't help but wish that some of our precipitation could move itself out west where they are so very dry.  Drought is not something we will have to worry about for a while.

Time to go to supervision.  Happy Tuesday!  


Galad said…
BRRR It looks really cold and snowy. Stay safe and warm
Olivia said…
Yeah, I like plenty of snow when I go skiing, but I can see it would be a pain for everyday life (especially when you have to use your leave unfairly). We seem to have been balancing you guys out with such a hot summer with no rain.. at least until it rained much of last weekend, and massive storms arrived today.
Saren Johnson said…
Our snow is turning to rain, so I'm very thankful it's not that bad here.
Roxie said…
You poor folks have been so hammered with the weather lately. Hope you stay warm and dry.
drkknits said…
so much snow!! that picture with the little bits of red is so cute. but even im looking at that and thinking wow thats cold! its still summer here by the way :)

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