We've had some odd weather lately.  For instance, it snowed last week and then we had thunder and lightning ("very very frightening") and then late in the day on Friday we had this.

Right before the rainbow appeared, the sky was an odd color and we could see the front moving off.  And then we watched the colors appear and a full bow.  I've seen bits and pieces but not often do we see the full thing.  And it looks like it separates two worlds.  Under the rainbow is all orangey pink and the rest of the world was bluish grey.  It was amazing.  I stood out side in the drizzle just watching it.

Saturday the temps were 60 F (15.5 C) and the sun was dazzling. Peter Kevin went to the Wood workers show with his brother in law and had a great time.  He bought a chuck for the lathe and a device that looks just like a needle gauge for measuring some kind of tool.

Since it was his birthday, I made his favorite cake.  Angel food with whipped cream and berries.  I made it from scratch which really isn't difficult, it just doesn't get as high as when I use a mix.  But, the flavor is so much better.  And the cake itself is more moist. 

He didn't want a party so we had a seafood dinner with crab legs, clams, scallops wrapped in bacon and shrimp.  It was messy but oh so good.

 I finished a pair of socks made from Noro Kureyon Sock.  Noro is always interesting to work with.  I like the nubby texture and the one pair of socks I have made with this lasted a long time.  I tried to make them match as well as I cound but there were one of those infamous knots that threw the colors off just a bit on the second sock.  They really are the same length.  I just caught them at an odd angle.  They are not terribly soft but I love the way this yarn cradles my feet.  Just plain toe up socks that I will wear often.

I am working on a pair of Rivendell socks for Peter Kevin in grey.  I may not finish the green ones I started for me.  I am not thrilled with the way the yarn worked up.  It's soft and lovely but oh so splitty and I can see where I missed a ply here and there. 

The rollout of our new program went more smoothly than I thought.  Now, as people are actually diving in and trying to use it, the problems are surfacing.  It's tiring being an IT person on top of my regular job.  One of my coworkers resigned three weeks ago (suddenly) and there are many pieces to pick up and carry until they replace her.  Another one is retiring next week and they are not replacing her so there's her work to be distributed.  I think there is a definite limit as to how much work any one person can handle and for the first time I feel like I may actually be getting there. 

The last few weeks I have been running around all day and then going home and coming back and doing it all over again.  I am waiting for it to settle down. 

On the bright side, Pk is now 56 and one year closer to outliving his grandfather's 104 years.  He seriously plans on this. 

Everyone needs a goal......


amy said…
Happy Birthday to PK! Thanks for capturing that rainbow and sharing it. It's fabulous.
Galad said…
Happy Birthday PK! Sounds like a wonderful celebration of 56 years. Here's to 50 more :-)

I like the sock color though have never knitted with Noro. I dislike working with knotty yarns. Instead of knitting through the Olympics, I took a knitting sabbatical. Back to my Skyp socks today.
Saren Johnson said…
Happy birthday PK!

I love watching rainbows, they are amazing light works.
Roxie said…
Yay PK! May you pass that goal!

Love the photos of the rainbow connection!

My dear, speak up at work or they will continue to load you up until you break. Then they will have to hire three people to replace you.
DrK said…
well happy birthday peter kevin! that birthday dinner sounds completely heavenly. gorgeous pictures of the rainbow, i've never seen one like that. im sure it portends something great, like the end of the snow perhaps?
Rose Red said…
Wow, your rainbow pics are very cool, amazing ow the colour of the sky changes below and above it.

Also a nice contrast to the snow everywhere pic in your previous post.

Happy birthday to PK.

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