Saturday I wore this shirt.  Kate gave it to me last year for Mother's Day (I think).  It's one of my favorite Dr Who episodes (the one with Vincent Van Goh).

I got so many reactions to it!  It was amazing.  I used to have a sweatshirt that said "All this and Brains, too" which got a lot of responses but this one beat that.

One young man yelled "Allons-y" at me.  It sure was a conversation starter.

But, once again, it was all about the sheep (and their by products).

Kate and I went with the idea that we wanted to find 2200 yards of sport weight yarn to make shawls out of the Folk Shawls book (Cheryl Eberle).  She's making the Irish Shawl and I am making the Fir Cone Shawl.  They are large squares.  She bought the first two skeins of a lovely light grey color and I bought 2400 yards of a merino/silk single that is softly spun and has a lovelylovely halo.  You can almost see the softness.  I rolled one skein into a ball (it's way too big for the ball winder and took forever by hand) and started my project last night.

Jacob sheep

I am in the middle of a very dark shawl but because it's so dark, it's difficult to work on if it's not daylight.  This is not laceweight and it's such a lustrous cream color that it's easy to see. 

big sheep

There were sheep, of course.  These were a couple of moms and their very young babies.  There were baby Jacob sheep.


There were big sheep and small sheep and Katahdin Hair sheep.
(I borrowed the image from Wikipedia, I couldn't get the Katahdin to look at me).  They aren't sheared but just shed in the spring and the birds use the shed hair to build nests.

We bought some Kettle Korn and some honey and some cookie cutters.  I got a giraffe and a brontosaurus.  I chose a tiara cookie cutter for Em and a tyranosaurus for Kate.  It's time for the Spring Dinosaur cookies parade.

We had to park almost a mile away from the fairgrounds.  There are policemen directing the parking and every few cars they would send a group over to the other side of the road and waaaay to the back of a field.  We couldn't see the fairgrounds from where we were parked.  An older gentleman drove up in a bus and drove us to the road and then we caught a wagon ride to the fair.  I was very thankful for them at the end of the day!

Yesterday we did the laundry (and watched the soccer games) and all too soon the weekend was over.  Those 48 hours just fly by. 

And now here I am back in the real world.  Work is busy and we'll have new doctors soon so there is a period of adjustment and then hopefully things will settle down.

Happy Monday y'all!


Galad said…
Thanks for the great pictures from your weekend. Now I'll look forward to seeing the dinosaur cookies and the shawl!
amy said…
I'm glad you had a good time!
(yay, baby sheep!)
Olivia said…
That is a fabulous shirt! And for knitting dark yarn at night, you can't go last a 'daylight' lamp. I love mine.
Saren Johnson said…
BABY SHEEP!! They're so CUTE!
DrK said…
oh that lovely cream yarn, so smooshy. i love the image of you all on a wagon ride :)
Rose Red said…
The Van Gogh episode is one of my favourites too. I cried the first time I saw it.
I love almost all the shawls in Folk Shawls. So classic and wearable. Your yarn looks gorgeous, one day I hope I'll have time to knit large things just for me!

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