So, we've had a bit of rain this past week.  My office mate (who is inclined toward exaggeration and extreme curmudgeonliness) said he heard that we got the equivalent of 7"/hour of rain.  I have a feeling that while it did rain long and hard (enough to cause a 4' wide river to run down the sides of the street), it wasn't truly that bad. 

Of course, since our house sits at the bottom of a hill, all the water runs down toward us and through our crawlspace to get to the storm drains in the street.  We learned a long time ago not to leave things on the floor in our rec room.

The sun came out briefly, just enough to send the humidity through the roof (and you can imagine how lovely it made my hair.  I get lovelier and lovelier as the humidity rises) and then it rained some more last night.  Pk dropped me off at the train this morning and then started running the pump.  All this moisture has rusted some of his tools even though they are not in the water.  Just the added moisture in the air.  He has old tools (planes and turning tools) which don't have the rust resistant coating that more modern implements are equipped with.  He's been applying Rust Go Away (or something like that) to clean them up.

And speaking of my unemployed spouse, he has been Getting Things Done Around The House for the past month (has it been a month already?).  Two years ago the lines that connect our house to the power grid came loose and caused a power surge that destroyed some appliances (but not the computer which was plugged into a surge protector.  They really work.  Who knew?).  We replaced the refrigerator, the power strip for the computer, the microwave and the computer module for our stove.  We left the dishwasher sit because it was not a necessary thing. 

Fast forward to now when Pk has some time on his hands and it's too damp/wet to spackle.  We got the parts to fix our ice maker (and it now makes ice) and we got the new computer module for our dishwasher (and it now washes dishes).  The old module had melty parts inside and some copper parts had vaporized in the power surge.  We are getting used to having it back and I must say, I love it (but probably not as much as Elanor, aka The Dishwasher, does).

And here we have neon socks.  Here's one of Pk's neon green socks.  To show how bright it really is, I posed it next to a more subdued green sock. 

It's a pattern I made up on the fly and he likes it.  Sock number 2 is otn and will be done soon so he can wear them if he gets job interviews (it will show potential employers that he has a fun side and is not old and fuddy-duddy-like.  At least that's what I tell him). 

image - 2014 Catalog CoverWe passed our inspection at work and are breathing a sigh of relief because citations from this particular entity mean giving back money.  We don't want to do that.

This weekend is Maryland Sheep and Wool.  I always forget it's in May.  Pk remembered and insisted we go.  "It's an Adventure".  He and I (along with El and Kate) are driving down tomorrow morning and going to spend the day petting sheep and admiring llamas.  Pk will look for the Broom Making Guy and the Honey Making People.  He appreciates the sheep, but he really likes the Broom Guy.

The weather is supposed to be sunny and perfect.  I love a good Adventure.

I'm looking out my office window and I can see the morning sunlight reflected off the still wet leaves on the Ornamental Pear.  Trees amaze me.  Just yesterday, these leaves were buds and almost overnight Shazzam!! There are leaves full grown on the branches.  How do they do that?  I am wonder-struck (I am making this word up because it fits) at how fast they grow.  It is so cool.

Well, duty calls and the message light on my phone is RED and BLINKING which means someone needs me for something.  I guess that's a good thing.  Job security and all.

Have a Good Weekend!


amy said…
Enjoy the sheep festival! I know on the rain. It's been chilly too. It's *not* raining today so I'm getting the kids outside as soon as math is done...
Galad said…
I saw that the sheep festival was coming up and wondered if you were going. We don't have one close to us so I get to visit vicariously through you :-)

Roxie said…
Have a ball at the sheep festival, and succumb to temptation just a little bit. Those neon green socks are awesome. And isn't it wonderful to have a handy man around the house? Hugs to you all!
Saren Johnson said…
Anymore rain there and you'd need an ark.

Hope you have lots of fun at the festival.
DrK said…
i always look forward to your sheep and wool festival posts. im glad PK is being so useful! and i like the way you called yourself lovely in the humidity. my hair is particularly lovely in humidity too. sigh.

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