Here we are Easter Morning sitting in the sunshine.  Pk was watching a soccer game and I was just leaning on him and photosynthisizing.  The air was a bit cool but the sunshine was just lovely.

I brought some flowers inside to enjoy the color and forgot how smelly daffodils are.  I really don't like the smell.  I also don't like the smell of lilies (that actually gives me a headache) or eucalyptus or cilantro.  That is my favorite small pitcher/vase (once it became a vase, it was never a pitcher again-something ewwwy about that).  It's made of local clay by a local artist.  And it's just big enough to hold a small handful of fresh cut flowers.

My roses are here!  We stopped at the garden center on Monday to get some grass seed and just happened to notice that there were roses.  These are Knock-Out Roses.  There is a white one, a yellow one with flowers that fade to cream and a pink one.  Pk dug the garden bed just for them as an anniversary present last year.  We have been haunting the garden center but everything is a bit late this year due to Winter's seeming unendingness.  The bushes are in the ground now and with any luck will start to bloom soon and will bloom all summer until we have a hard frost.

Knit picks advertised some limited edition colors in their sock yarn in neon colors.  I don't know about you, but I couldn't resist.  We got purple for Elanor and Pk and I both got neon green.  He wants his socks to be a solid green color but I decided to stripe mine with navy blue.  I'll make the heels and toes blue and then it's 5 row stripes.  I'm going to carry the alternate color up the side so I don't have many many ends to weave in.  I started one last night to see how it would work and I love it.  And I'll have enough to make2 pairs.  I'm thinking of doing one in Fibonacci stripes and one with regular stripes.

And sadly, tomorrow is the funeral of the last of my mother's siblings, my Aunt Elsie.  She was born in 1925 and was a preemie.  She was so small that my grandfather's wedding ring fit all the way up her arm to her shoulder.  But, she survived.  She was one of the funniest and loveliest women I have ever known.  She loved to get down on the floor and play with the kids.  My girls adored her and when her grandson was born, she was over the moon.

On Hallowe'en, I used to take the girls to my Aunt Joan's house and she and I would cook dinner while Aunt Elsie took them trick or treating.  It was dark and she would shine the flashlight all over saying "Lightning! Lightning is everywhere!".  She wore a pumpkin hat and got as much candy as the kids some years.  I will miss her so much but I am thankful to have had her in my (and my girls') life.


Galad said…
Love the bunny ears - it's a good look for you :-)

I didn't go for any of the neons as I'm trying to use my stash but they certainly look fun.

Sorry to hear about your aunt. I saw Em's post on FB about her. She sounds like a spunky and fun person who will be missed a lot.
amy said…
I'm so sorry for your loss, Donna Lee. When the last of my grandmother's siblings died, I cried. (My grandmother is still alive in her late 90s.) Aunt Emily never had an unkind word for me, and when she died, I felt that loss of someone who loved me unconditionally. That sort of love is so rare.
Saren Johnson said…
Sorry for your loss. She sounds like she'll be missed.
Roxie said…
Sorry for your loss. And a true loss it sounds, too. What a joy to have had her in your life.

The socks are so wonderful! You totally rock!
DrK said…
such cute easter bunnies :) easters here seem so mundane now after the amazing things i saw at walmart last year! im so sorry to hear about your aunt, she sounds wonderful xx
Olivia said…
I'm so sorry for the loss of your aunt.

And I have to tell you your skin looks amazing in that photo! PK's no slouch either, you both have a youthful glow ;)

I don't know why I always come in so late on your posts, my feed reader is being weird (or I'm just not keeping up).

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