So, what have you all been up to since last we spoke?  I have had a bit of dental work and am now finally recovering.
Last week, I noticed that the infection in my mouth wasn't better (wait, did I tell you I had an infection under my root canal?).  Hmm, well, I have (had) this tooth that had had two root canals (which meant two crowns) and was giving me twinges for a while.  The dentist told me the tooth underneath was cracked and that if it continued to give me pain, it would have to come out.

Fast forward to my 6 month checkup where I show the dentist the pustule that had developed on my gum right next to the tooth.  It turns out that there was a raging infection under the crown. (the smell was ugly)  We tried 10 days of antibiotic but no joy.  I had to have the tooth out.  I called the oral surgeon and they had an opening the next day. 

I took it because then I didn't have much time to brood over it.  I left work in the afternoon and Pk picked me up and off we went.  First came the panograph xray and then the doctor told me there was a good bit of infection in the gum and he would pull the tooth and then clean it out.

IV needle in my hand and before you know it, it was done.  They didn't stitch up the wound because the leftover infection needed a place to come out (the image is a pleasant one, isn't it?)  I was in a fog so Pk took me home and then went out to get my pain pills and more antibiotics.

When the novocaine wore off, I couldn't believe the pain!  I am fairly tolerant of pain but this was unlike anything I had ever felt.  The vicodin didn't touch it.  Fortunately, my dentist called to check up on me and told me I could take 2 (very low dose).  It was like the heavens opened up and sunbeams shone upon me.  When that pain went away, it felt soooo good.  I slept sitting up and woke up Friday morning with a blinding headache and nauseaus from the pain meds (really unfair that).  I stuck to acetaminophen for the rest of the time after that. 

I spent the weekend taking it easy and eating soft foods.  I have some bruising around the jaw line but not too bad and I can tell it's healing.  It will take some time before we can discuss what to do about the gaping hole in my teeth.

I was not able to do much knitting or spinning.  No concentration.  I mostly sat and dozed and held ice packs to my face.  And now I am back to work and feeling mostly back to normal.  Still eating mostly soft foods and being careful until the hole heals closed.  I don't want anything getting stuck in there and re infecting. 

Our planned trip to AC was postponed to this Friday and unless something else happens, we're heading down there Friday afternoon with Kylie in tow.  She came over Sunday and we ate bbq chicken and ribs and potato salad and coconut cake and watched the heartbreaking US/ Portugal game. 

The weather today is about as beautiful day as you could ask for.  The sun is out, there is a breeze and the humidity is low.  It's glorious.  I am getting ready to pack up my stuff and leave this overly a/c'd building and go out into the day.  Maybe we should take a picnic for dinner.......

(some nice, soft food of course)


DrK said…
just the thought of that tooth pain makes me wince. as usual i had a fantastic time on sunday, dead animal fresh off the bbq! so great :) and the game. oh so heartbreaking. looking forward to AC too. take it easy and rest as much as you can.
Galad said…
Sorry you had to go through that infection and dental work. So painful, but at least you are on the mend and the worst is behind you :-)
amy said…
argh, that all sounds awful! mouth pain is the worst. I'm very up front whenever I have to have dental stuff done--I tell them I've had two c-sections, one emergency, and I'd still rather that than have things done in my mouth. I hope it continues to heal and feel better every day.
Saren Johnson said…
(hugs) Glad to hear you're on the mend. It sucks being sick.
Roxie said…
That's miserable! You poor, stoic darling. Ice packs and applesauce. And many, many hugs!

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