We only thought it was humid last week.  It's like it's a competitive thing and this week has to beat out last week.  It's unbelievable and really uncomfortable.  I have not been able to sleep for the last two nights.  I might have dozed a bit but nothing really restful. (needless to say, I'm tired).  Pk is going to put the a/c in the bedroom window today so that tonight I can pull the covers on and sleep restfully.

Some random thoughts on a Wednesday.

I was standing on the train platform this morning waiting for the next train (the schedules are all a mess while they replace the track on the bridge.  One side is closed and all the trains are going over one side of the bridge.  Then it will reverse so it will be a mess for 2 years.  sigh.)  It's alway slightly breezy since it's an elevated platform.  In the morning, surrounded by all the freshly showered and scented commuters, it's hell on your sinuses.

Some people smell nice and light and clean.  Some people wear heavy, cloying wintery scents.  I will admit that I do not change my scent during the year.  I have one scent that I always wear (Jessica McClintock) and have worn for 25 years.  It's what I smell like.  But it's a fairly light fragrance so that in these warmer months, I won't bowl anyone over. 

More people are catching onto the fact that if you get up 10 minutes earlier, you can catch the earlier train and it's not as crowded as the one 25 minutes later.  Well, it wasn't as crowded.  Today it was mobbed.

 It was Father's Day last Sunday here in the US.  When I asked Peter Kevin what he wanted to do, he said "not much" so I let him have a day to do what he wanted.

I made him the breakfast he wanted, he watched some soccer and then he went outside and worked on some small wood projects.  Here he is using one of his large planes and making the top surface of a small worktable.  He loves working with his handtools.  There's a soothing rhythm to his work.

a pile of shawl

I pulled up a chair and sat in the shade and did some knitting until the ants got too bothersome.  I worked on my shawl.  It's become quite large.  There it is all in a pile.   I can stretch it out is a small section to see how the pattern is developing.  It's so unbelievable soft.  I am on the "second lace chart" and then there's an edging.  Unfortunately it's a bit too hot to sit with this on my lap until we get the a/c installed in the bedroom window.  This will be a warm winter wrap or a warm wrap for the very heavily a/c'd world we live in.

the pattern revealed

I have been forced to work on something small so I went and wound up my latest Artwalk Yarn and started a plain pair of socks.    I love these colors.  They have a depth and shine to them that is so appealing.  It's Les Petits Fleurs by Picasso, one of my all time favorite paintings.  But, the important part is that I don't have to have that large pile of yarn sitting on my lap.

We are going to Atlantic City on Friday so Kylie can see some more kitschy NJ.  I think Atlantic City is the Queen of Kitsch.  I'm looking forward to it a lot.  I love taking the train through the countryside.

Saturday Pete invited our nephew to come and watch the game.  I think he's more excited than Daniel (who is 7).  Sunday, Kylie will be over to eat some real food and watch the game.  So, it sounds like a soccer and friend filled weekend.  The weather should break and be relatively nice.

I hope wherever you are that your day is filled with peace and creativity and joy.


amy said…
That sounds like a great weekend! G's last soccer game is this weekend, and the boys have (karate) belt tests, so there goes Saturday. Sunday, however, is currently free. :)
Saren Johnson said…
It's starting to get warm here, but thankfully the humidity isn't something we have to deal with. Stay cool.

The shawl is pretty.
Roxie said…
You have been having some serious weather! Hope it moderates a bit for you soon. And good luck with that commute. Remember when we were in high school and the guys would hose down with Brute? You could track some of them by scent five minutes after they passed.

Sweet dreams, sweetie. Rest well.

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