So, as I'm sure as you all know by now, we got a bit of winter precipitation last weekend.  We got about 18 inches.  It was enough to make it fun to sit by the window and watch it fall.  We were not the only ones who wanted to stay inside.  These are the footprints of all the birds looking for shelter from the blizzard.  We have a bird feeder and Peter Kevin has been enjoying watching the power struggle as the little brown birds push the much larger birds out of the way.  
Our stars were mostly buried and you can just see the lights from our snowmen there.  Yes, our Christmas lights are still up.  The weather was too wet to put the ladder up under the window to take them down.

And then Pete's sister died.  She has been fighting cancer for over 20 years and suffered two strokes late last year.  Her poor body just had no fight left in it.  Her memorial is this Friday.  She was what my grandmother would have called a "gutsy broad".  She was funny and smart and one of the most giving people I had ever met.  If you needed it and she had it, it was yours.  No questions asked.  

So, our lights will come down eventually.  I was not sorry because I got to see them covered wth snow and that was beautiful.

I spent the snow weekend watching soccer games and movies and knitting myself a new pair of mittens.  
  It's the Hansa Mittens pattern.  I have a pair in pink and brown but I wanted to see what a variegated yarn would look like and I love it.  

I'm also continuring to work on Pk's Gates of Moria mittens.  One is almost finished.  I love the sparkly blue yarn and the way it just gives the mitttens a bit of a mithril look to them.  I am trying to finish them this winter but I've been a bit slow.
I saw the eye surgeon two weeks ago for the last time and he told me the reason my vision in the left eye is so blurry is that there is a cataract there from the surgery.  My optometrist told me he can get me  better vision but not all at once.  Right now, the vision in that eye is 20/200.  Yea.  Bad.  He can eventually get me back to about 20/50 which is much better but it will take two steps.  Otherwise my eyes won't work together.  These are my new frames.  It's so hard to pick them out when you can't see!  These have torquoise arms and bits of glitter in the front piece.  They are a huge change and I can't wait for them to be ready.
I take terrible selfies.

And one more snow photo.  This was Saturday afternoon during a lull.  I stuck my head out the front door and you can see how the snow is so smooth and gorgeous.  You can't even see where the street is supposed to be.  They hadn't plowed at all at this point.

So, life here has been its usual round of ups and downs.  An interesting thing has happened at work.  Two different individuals have let us know that they recorded their sessions with the doctor (and me).  We were surprised.  This hasn't come up before and we're not sure how to handle it.  On the one hand, nothing that is said is secret or improper.  But it scares me just a bit because digital recordings are so very easy to manipulate and how would we prove that we did not say something?  In PA, it's illegal to record a conversation without the permission of all parties.  We are going to have to come up with a plan because I have a feeling that this is only the beginning.  (One of the individuals has threatened to use the recording to make trouble for us).

I'm not sure how I feel about this.  What do you think?


Saren Johnson said…
The snow looks so pretty and I'm glad it's on your side of the country.

Galad said…
I wish I could have been there for the snow fall and then come back to AZ :) I love the quiet of snow and being warm and cozy inside but not shoveling or driving in it. Sorry to hear about PK's sister. It sounds like you have some good memories of a special lady. The recording issue is scary. In these days when everyone has phones that can record conversations I don't know how you would prevent it. I don't have any suggestions but would be interested to hear what your workplace comes up with.

Love the new glasses!
amy said…
Condolences to you and PK. I'm sorry about his sister.

Good luck with your eyes--that is uncomfortable, I'm sure. As is the recording. There are so many laws protecting patient confidentiality but what about practitioners? That sort of threat isn't okay.
Sara World said…
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