I can tell Hallowe'en is coming.  There are skeletons on our front door (these are George and Charlie), 
And there are more hearty meals for dinner, such as stew baked in a yorkshire pudding.
This is one of Peter Kevin's favorite ways to eat stew but it's not for the warm weather.  It is delicious.  But this week it's too warm.  When I left work today it was nearly 86 degrees.  In October.  I've already put away the summer clothes.  We always leave out short sleeved shirts because it often turns around and gets warm after it's been downright chilly for a few weeks.  I love a bit of surprise warmth but it's been a bit uncomfortable when my body has decided that IT should be the warmest thing in the room.  Gotta love the menopause.......

I have taught myself a new skill using youtube (what did we do before youtube?  Oh right, we talked to each other).  I have learned to knit a pair of socks on two circular needles.  I have a friend who wants to learn to knit socks but can't use the dpns.  I found some short circs and some bright stripey yarn (so she won''t get bored and throw it across the room) and started the sock.  It's surprisingly easy but still a little fiddly.  She can't figure out what to do so I'll show her tomorrow.  

We had our health fair last week and a lot of people asked if we were going to have the knitting group again.  I've gotten permission from my supervisor to take the time and I'm going to try for the third time.  I hope that if I set it up for a 2 hour time frame that more people will want to come.  I think that they were reluctant to travel for an hour.  I am hoping that there will be a mix of people who know what they're doing and people who don't.  I'd like to be able to sometimes just sit and knit and talk.  I've had  clients tell me how helpful they've found crocheting or knitting can be when they are feeling anxious.  It can be calming and centering.  Well, it can if you're not knitting double sided lace with complicated charts....

My favorite part of the autumn weather is being able to bake bread again.  I made this herbed loaf to accompany some escarole soup last weekend.  Before it was summer redux.  

We had a discussion in our poetry group about the difference between sports and games.  We couldn't come up with a satisfying definition between the difference.  We decided to ask people around us what they thought and come back together and talk about it.  Any thoughts?


Saren Johnson said…
To me, sports are "serious", uniforms, points, and teams. Games are what happen spontaneously when people get together. No one cares what the score is at the end.
kayT said…
Sports are for winning. Games are for fun.

I walk every morning at the local recreation center. The track is above the gym. Recently the center began sponsoring a "game" called Pickleball, which is a kind of senior-citizens version of tennis. It began as a game but judging by the tournaments and intensity and arguments and referees, it is now a sport. Which I think is too bad, but at least it gets everyone moving. But, it seems to be a lot less fun now.

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