Image result for clipart halloweenToday is Hallowe'en, one of my favorite holidays.  And not just because of the chocolate....

I always loved indulging my girls in whatever they wanted to be for Hallowe'en.  When I was a kid, my mother wouldn't let us be princesses.  "Hallowe'en is not for princesses.  Be a witch".  I always wanted to be a princess (I think it was the dress)

So I let the girls choose whatever they wanted, as long as we could make it.  Elanor was a shark one year but we couldn't convince Emily to be a bloody water skier.  She was a princess and won a prize in a contest.  Kate was a Dark Angel, a Pink Power Ranger and everyone was a butterfly at one point.

Image result for clipart halloweenThere was one year when El wanted to be an Indian Princess so we made the costume.  She was beautiful but she would not be allowed to wear that in school if she were young this year.  Cultural Appropriation.  I understand it academically but I don't understand it emotionally.

For instance, we were walking at the farmer's market on Saturday and there was a shop selling moccasins.  I've always wanted a pair because they look so comfortable.  But there was this niggling feeling in my head telling me it wasn't right.  And I felt sad.  I wouldn't be wearing the shoes to appropriate the culture of someone else, just to be comfortable.  But I left them there.  I couldn't bring myself to buy something that might offend someone else, however unintentionally. 

Image result for clipart halloweenWe are staying home this year for the first time in a long time.  I am looking forward to giving out candy and seeing the kids.  We've been at my aunt's house or my brother's house for years so we've bought candy and didn't give it away (not so good for the waistline)

I'm leaving work early and going to the fabric store to find some Mead Felt (a fabric store owner told me that's what felt that is made with a good percentage of real wool is called).  I want to make ipad cases for Pk and I.  We got new ipad pros and I want something to protect it.  (for the record, the thing is huge and I am still getting used to it but overall, I love it).  I don't want craft felt which will be too thin and is not often washable.  I could order it online but some things I like to touch with my hands first. 

However you celebrate, have a Happy Hallowe'en.  And if you observe it, Joyous Samhain. 


amy said…
I bought G a pair of moccasins when she was a new walker, for in the house mainly. We bought them at a tribal powwow in our town, which was open to the public (our RI town is where the Narragansett Reservation lands are), from a Native vendor. I didn't feel that was appropriation at all; it's supporting Native-made goods, and Natives are, by the law, the only ones who are supposed to be able to sell Native art/craft.

I often think we were so fortunate to live where we did. My kids know Native Americans aren't just "history," and a big part of that is because the Narragansett Tribe was so welcoming of outsiders to their events.

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