Number 6

It's Friday morning and it's quiet here on the second floor of my building, down the hall, in the corner by the kitchen (or what used to be a kitchen.  Now it's just a room with vending machines and a sink and microwave).  Once in a while, I can hear the sounds of my fellow early risers down the hall laughing but usually, it's quiet enough to hear the clock on the wall tick.

The snowstorm never developed into much to talk about (although you wouldn't know it by the weather people).  I requested the day off in case of inclement weather.  To be fair, at 6 AM, the weather looked inclement.  It was snowing hard and so I decided to stay home.  By 11, the sun was out and all told, we got about an inch of snow.  Yea.  All that hype and just an inch.  I would like just one good snowstorm where you sit inside by the window and watch the sharp edges of the world disappear beneath the snow.   It feels like we usually get that kind of storm right around this time each year but not this weekend.  

The temps are supposed to be in the 60'sF.(15+ C).  Not a good chance for snow but a lovely opportunity to take some time outside.  Pk and I are planning a trip to "the woods".  We'll take the Quaker Bridge road through parts of the pinelands and end up at Batsto.  I'll pack some munchies and some drinks and we'll just get out of doors for the afternoon.  We can't take all of the small trails we used to in our older cars.  The new one may have "4 wheel on demand" but that is not the same. We're a bit more careful with the new car.

We can still get out where it's quiet and there are no other people around.  When we stop and get out of the car in the middle of the woods and there are no sounds.  It feels like you can breathe again and is such a calming, soul-affirming feeling.

I finished my "socks for needles" trade.  I sent off a pair of purple socks to Molly and she will send me a set of dpns that she has hand forged.  I can't wait to see them!  

I finished one sock from the Starry Night roving I bought in MD.  It didn't feel very soft as I was spinning it but the sock is soft to the touch but feels like it will last.  The material is mohair/merino/silk (I think)
 I love the colors and the fuzziness.  And of course, there is that thrill of knitting with your own handspun.  I work on them mostly at work in the knitting group on Thursdays because it's simple to pick up and put down and there's no real pattern to remember.  

At home, I wanted a bigger project so I gathered up the left over balls of yarn and other orphan balls and started a leftover blanket.  I am making up a modified Log Cabin pattern and so far, I like it.   It's definitely mindless enough but changing the colors keeps it a little interesting.  
 I know I have more half balls lying around, I just have to dig and find them.  For now, I have plenty to work with.  I haven't decided if I want to make one big afghan for the couch in the living room, or a series of small baby sized blankets.  Maybe both.....

Do you have folks in your friends/family who have celiac disease or are gluten intolerant?  I found a recipe that is tasty and just happens to be gluten free.  
 These are almond flour cakes with blackberry jam or chocolate ganache on top.  They're small and not too sweet and don't taste "off".  I found the recipe in the NYT.  I think the paper pays for itself in recipes.  I didn't have almond flour, so I ground up almonds on my own so they have a nice texture.  

I took 15 minutes and ordered our groceries this morning and will save lots of time this afternoon in the ShopRite.  We'll pick out our meats and veg and then drive around the side of the store and get the non perishables and be home early enough to have an evening together.  As long as we don't watch any press conferences, we'll have an enjoyable evening.  There's something profoundly disturbing about watching the leader of your country have a tantrum in front of the world.

So, I pay enough attention to be informed, but not so much that I get anxious and/or depressed.

Well, here's hoping we all have a good Friday.  I am having lunch with Emily (since she started working downtown, we try to get together once a month for lunch.). I like hearing about how much she likes her new job and how they think she "walks on water".  It's hard not to beam with pride.  I have some paperwork to do today but not too much.  

Happy Friday!


Galad said…
Your trip to the woods sounds peaceful and I love the new socks!

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