A funny thing happened yesterday.  Not funny haha but funny, “huh”.

I was watching Zumbo’s Just Deserts (amazing competition and mindless) and I happened to think of my niece who is getting married in January.  She is wearing a simple dress.  I texted her mother and offered my Evenstar as an addition to the wedding outfit.  Then I realized I didn’t have a photo to send.

I remembered the Blog.  I didn’t remember the year I finished the shawl but I knew it was around Memorial Day.  I started paging through the posts looking for a photo.  I finally found one and sent it off (she was thrilled and said Yes!).  In the meantime, I stopped to read through some posts.  I’d forgotten some things that I had written about and I enjoyed the photos.  

And I had a thought.  Why not start writing the blog again?  And so here I am.

I’ve just turned 60, (yes, I KNOW!) and in August I decided to stop coloring my hair.  I had it cut short

And by now, most of the color is gone.  I got a cut yesterday and I think my next haircut will see the last of the red. 

In October I found out I have diabetes (by having a blood test done and having a blood glucose level of 853.  Yes.  853. ).  I am now on two medications and a daily insulin injection (which I am hoping will be changed in January).  I’ve gotten my blood sugar down to a more normal number.  It’s been interesting.  I’ve never had to think so much about food.  Every time I plan a meal or just feel peckish and want a snack.  There are considerations.  “Is it carb friendly?  How am I doing today?  Is my calorie count low enough to let me eat this?”

I am using 2 apps.  Glucose, to keep track of my glucose levels.  And My Fitness Pal to keep track of my nutrition.  In the 6 weeks or so since I’ve been watching my food intake, I’ve lost almost 10 pounds.  Peter Kevin has lost 8 pounds.  He’s been getting used to eating less and eating more healthy.  Thanksgiving was not nearly as difficult as I thought.  I ate extra calories and felt so full.  It didn’t take long for my system to get used to eating less.

I don’t buy many “sugar free” products.  I bought some sugar free chocolate popsicles.  They are delicious and satisfying enough when I want sweets.  Instead, I have cut down my sugar intake.  I eat oatmeal every day for breakfast with a mixture of splenda and regular sugar but so much less than I used to.  No more poptarts.  Today I made buttermilk waffles but only ate one.  Our dinners include more veg and less carbs (and oh, I love my carbs).

The hard part is what it does to your brain.  It reminds you that you have NO CHOICE.  Eating more healthy is not a choice but a necessity.  It was a much needed wake up call.

I’ll be having cataract surgery sometime in January.  The torn retina I had 2 years ago left a cataract after that surgery.  And the very high blood sugar has changed my vision.  I have no real sight in my left eye right now but my right eye is actually better than it was pre-diagnosis.  I am looking forward to having the cataract removed.  

Peter Kevin and I celebrated our 36 anniversary in October.  He is still the love of my life.  Right now, he’s looking for a job-not an easy feat when you’re 60.  I’m still working for the same place.  I feel fortunate.  I still love my job.  

Em and Jim are doing well and are happy.  Kate is pregnant and is due in March.  We are cautiously happy (keeping the excitement tamped down for now).  

We decorated for Christmas yesterday.  Pk always wraps our door.  I told him the sign should say, “We believe in Santa.  And Amazon” since we do a bit of our shopping online.  

My shopping is mostly finished.  We got ourselves new iphones last month and got apple watches.  They are our presents this year.  I didn’t think I needed one but it has come in handy. It reminds me to check my blood sugar before meals (I forget sometimes), it reminds me to get up and move if I have been sitting still for too long, it keeps track of my steps and lets me set goals for myself.  It also has Minnie Mouse who tells me the time (verbally) if I tap on her. 

I’m still knitting.  I have been working on a Hitofude for myself but was having some difficulty.  Looking back, it could have been the diabetes messing with my brain.  High blood sugar will do that.  I put it aside and am working on simple socks.  I’ll pick it back up in a little while.  

Today, we are watching some soccer, making turkey soup out of the Thanksgiving turkey carcass and I’ll sit down with my knitting and watch a movie.  I  love Sunday afternoons with nothing much to do.....

Have a good week.


kayT said…
So good to have you posting again. And hurrah for Feedly which makes sure if someone like you has gone quiet for a long time, then I will be told when you're back.

So 60 is nothing; I was 71 in October and still feel like 20 (except for all the aches and pains). Sorry about the diabetes but eating healthier is good.

Anyway glad you are back and hope to see you popping up on Feedly more often.
Olivia said…
Nice to have you back Donna Lee! Your hair looks great. Congratulations to you both on the anniversary and also looking forward to the new arrival in the family.

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