Well, it snowed today.  Not much, just enough to remind us that it’s winter.   Or will be soon enough.  Peter Kevin used a broom to clean off the front steps.  We got up and went to the doctor’s.  When we came out of the office, the snow was falling so beautifully.  We went to get our Christmas tree.  We won’t decorate the tree until Christmas Eve but it smells so nice.

This is one of the smaller trees we’ve had.  It is by no means a small tree.  It is beautifully shaped and will hold our treasured ornaments beautifully.  (And no, as you can see, we have not painted the living/dining/kitchen room yet).  

Peter Kevin is still looking for a job.  He had an interview with the City of Philadelphia last week and is waiting to hear from them.  It’s for a 9 month contract but that seems to be the way it goes.  No permanent jobs, just contract work.  The good thing is, he is home to drive me to the station in the morning.  It’s dark in the morning now and my eyesight is just not good enough to drive in the dark.  I’m afraid of causing an accident.  Soon.  I hope I’ll get my vision back after the cataract surgery and be able to see clearly (I can’t wait!).

My Christmas shopping is done, just need to wrap everything.  Actually, I am waiting for some things to come in the mail.  For the first time, I am having some trouble with an Etsy seller.  I bought his item and paid for it and then nothing.  No indication of if/when it will be posted.  The notation says it “is scheduled to be mailed on Nov 30”.  I have emailed them every day and gotten no response.  I reluctantly notified Etsy.  I have to wait until Dec 15 before I can go to conflict resolution through Etsy.  Fortunately, I used paypal and I know they’ll help me get my money back.  I would really rather have the item and wouldn’t mind waiting for it but this silence from the seller is irritating.

We watched the only football game we watch all year.  The Army-Navy game.  Pete was a sailor so he roots for Navy.  At the same time, he was watching Toronto beat Seatle in the MLS championship game.  

Laundry tomorrow and figuring out a schedule for baking our cookies and other foods.  We’ll make some of our favorites but then put most of them in the freezer.  That way we can put out a cookie tray if we want and not have them sitting out being all tempting.  I did good at Thanksgiving but still ate 700 more calories than I usually eat in a day.  I know this because my phone app told me it was that much.  And I felt uncomfortable even though I didn’t eat much more than normal.  It was just more carbs than I am used to.  It didn’t take long for my body to adjust.  My weight is slowly creeping downwards.  I don’t feel deprived.  I allow myself to eat a little bit of what I want and it seems to be ok.  I keep below my calorie alotment and keep a close eye on the carbs and sugars.  I have never spent so much mental energy paying attention to food.

Have a good Sunday!


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