Merry day after Christmas!   Since I have no pride,  I will show you how Peter Kevin and I spent our day.Yes, we have matching Christmas pjs.  I bought them on Etsy and they made us laugh all day.

Elanor and I did all of the baking on the 23rd.  We baked only our favorite cookies.  They were delicious.  I made coquita which was also delicious but sweet enough that I can only have a small amount.

We had a quiet family Christmas Eve which included crackers with horns in them so we could all play music.  There was more laughter than music but it was all good.  The tree got decorated and looked festive and peculiarly ours.  There are some ornaments that the girls made 20 years ago but those are my 


Peter Kevin and Elanor and I got up and opened our presents while we ate babka and drank hot cocoa (not on my diabetic list but I gave myself permission to have a few days of cheating).  Pk got a weather station which he cannot wait to get set up outside.  El spent the day playing with her new electronics and I spent the day listening The Stand by Stephen King (one of my favorite books).

We had a roast beef dinner with roasted vegetables and some cookies for desert. All in all a perfect day.

I have had today and tomorrow off and then it’s back to work for 2 days.  If I didn’t have dr appts on 1/2 and then 1/8, I could have taken the whole week off.  My appointments are in NJ and are around noon so it’s not worth going in to work for 3 hours.

I’m making myself new mittens, 

Lotus Mittens which I am starting tonight.  I enjoy color work once in a while and I don’t do it often.  I like it when I have a few days off that I can just knit and now worry about anything else getting done.  

And now we look forward to the New Year.  Once again, my “resolution” is to try to be kinder and not judge others.  I’ll keep on taking better care of myself and remain optimistic that the next year will be better.


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