Yay! It snowed, it snowed, it snowed!!!! Well, it snowed last night and there are about 2 inches of the lovely white stuff all around. When the alarm went off at 6 this morning, I looked outside and it was really coming down (with freezing rain predicted this afternoon) so I decided to use my "tentative" vacation day. So, now I am sitting on my bed after having eaten some delicious cinnamon sugar toast, (why do I always forget how much I love that stuff?), drinking hot chocolate and getting ready to watch The Women. If you've never seen this movie, it's the ultimate chick flick. There are no men in the movie. It was made in the 40's so the hair and makeup are wonderful. They talk very fast and the dialogue is witty and very, very catty. These are women with claws and they know how to use them.

Peter Kevin is having a stress test today. It takes 2-4 hours. When he gets home, we're going to go to my aunt's house to see if he can fix my cousin's computer. Being an IT guy has its benefits for me and he generously gives his time to friends and family with computer problems. More times than not, he can fix the problem and never charges them. He wouldn't turn down some Guiness but it's not a requirement.

There will be some knitting here today. I have arthritis in my hands and some days it hurts. Today the pain is lessened. I take glucosamine and it really makes a difference. I hate to think what they'd feel like without it.

I hope you are all safe and warm. Tomorrow is Peter Kevin's 50th birthday. He's going to a concert with a friend. We'll have family cake and ice cream on Sunday. He wants an angel food cake. I usually buy a mix because I hate to waste a dozen egg yolks but the grocery store stopped carrying them. The cake will be made from scratch. It's been a while but I remember how. I'm going to look up whether egg yolks can be frozen. I can use them for baking bread but I don't want to bake all that bread tomorrow. ( I looked it up. You can freeze egg yolks but they become very gelatinous and difficult to use. So, they recommend that you add a bit of salt or sugar -it depends on how you will use them later-to the yolks before they're frozen. It's supposed to help keep them useable)

Happy Friday everyone! And RoseRed, girl scout cookies cost 3.50 USD per box. The girl scout troop gets a small percentage of the profit for each box. They have to sell a lot of cookies to make any money. Personally, I have done my part and purchased many boxes.


KSD said…
I envy you the snow. And the cinnamon toast. That's what my mother made for me the morning of my wedding, so it has good memories associated with it all around.
Sheepish Annie said…
As one who has some hereditary risks for arthritis, I have always sort of feared it. It sounds weird to say that I took heart from your saying that you have it, but I kind of did. If you can knit such amazing things with sore hands, I can probably keep on knitting my less than amazing stuff. That said, I'm sorry the hands were hurting you and happy you've found something that works for you.

Yay for snow! We're getting more here and I'm finding it less than thrilling. But, I'm really happy that you're finally getting some. Enjoy!
amy said…
I could do without the snow, but I'm glad someone is enjoying it!
Amy Lane said…
May your heart and your joints and your hopes for the future be warm and sweet today.
Bezzie said…
Hm, it's a shame the snow day is over, you could use those egg yolks for french toast! Hee hee! I was stupid and went to work today. The roads were fine.

Happy birthday to PK!
Anonymous said…
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Bells said…
yay for snow!!!

Happy birthday to PK!

And that's interesting about egg yolks. I freeze egg whites and I am sure it changes them a bit too.
TinkingBell said…
You could make lemon curd with the egg yolks - or banana butter!

Or make super rich omelettes! I hope Peter Kevin has a wonderful birthday - Happy Birthday!
Rose Red said…
Wow - angel food cake uses 12 egg whites??!! It should come with a recipe for 12 yolks, shouldn't it! I know you can keep yolks in the frige for a day or two, just put them in a bowl and cover with cold water.

Thanks for the girl scout cookie info.

And Happy Birthday to PK!
Finally!! Some snow. I think it was 4" by me, but...now, going going...and soon, gone.
Donna Lee! You've won a runner up prize in my 300 post Contest! Email my your snail mail and I'll be sending a prize out to you. :-)
Jejune said…
OOOh snow ... I miss it (I've lived in Connecticut and Colorado in the past) - I love how it goes all silent when it's falling, and the sky sort of glows at night. Beautiful. Bloody cold, but beautiful!

You can use egg yolks to make baked custard, perhaps?

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