Thanks for all the healing wishes. I am into day 3 of the anitbiotics and hopefully they will help my tooth "settle down" (dentist speak for fix itself without any further interference from her). The only problem is that antibiotics really tear up my stomach. Only 4 more days.....

I have not worked on the Wildflowers shawl much because I have been trying to finish up some holiday knitting. I didn't start out to make gifts for people because I don't like deadline knitting but somehow it turns out that I feel like making small gifts for special people in my life. So, I am knitting but can't really show it off until after Christmas. I can say that I might be knitting some Saucy socks out of the yarn I bought from Jessie. And I might point out that one is finished and the pattern is really easy and goes very fast. Kate commented that they look kind of like monkey socks. I really like them.

One of my coworkers said something that made me stop and think yesterday. She reminded me that we have been through uncomfortable times here at our place of employment and that they never last. (She and I have both been here for over 14 years). She reminded me that sometimes we have to just keep our heads down and keep on moving forward and that I really do like my job an awful lot. I have been keeping my head down, not volunteering for things and just doing my job. I am helpful if asked but not putting myself out there. Retrenching is a good word for it. I know that some day in the future, I will have forgotten how I felt a few weeks ago and I will be throwing myself wholeheartedly into the thick of things. It's how I am.

I went to a training yesterday on Ethics and Teaching Social Work students. It was interesting and I got to knit for the whole three hours. It was great. I learned that as of Sept 9th I can no longer call myself a social worker here in the commonwealth of pennsylvania. Why you ask? Because my degree is not in social work. It doesn't matter that the work I do each and every day is social work or that I have taken hours and hours of trainings outside of work in the field of social work, I am not a social worker here in pennsylvania. If I go across the river to new jersey, I can be a social worker there. Here, I am a Case Manager. No difference in the job I do or the money I get, just a title.

I am reading an interesting book, The DM-ID. It's the Diagnostic Manual for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and mental health disorders. It's hard enough to have one diagnosis but to be faced with two. It boggles the mind. This is not light, bedtime reading. It's interesting because part of my job is to deal with people with intellectual disabilities (formerly developmental disabilities; formerly formerly mental retardation) who also have a psychiatric diagnosis. It's hard to tell if the delusions are a part of the ID or are schizophrenia. And there is no empiric data that says that medications are effective. Yet, the families all want medication to control the often disruptive, explosive behaviors. I can't blame them. It's a tough job they have and I try my best to offer as much support as I can. It can be a fulfilling, heartbreaking job. And I still love it.

Not a social worker, but still out there doing the work. That's me.


amy said…
Thank you for the sock pattern recommendation. I like easy patterns, especially right now. My brain can't take too much complexity at the moment.

Try not to let the title thing bother you too much. As long as the pay is commensurate--and, of course, the respect, which sounds like it's an up-and-down thing.
Kelli Simone said…
Yeah, the title thing is a funny conundrum. I have two degrees in social work and live in NJ and am licensed here. My workplace does not differential in title (everyone is a case manager) and my job responsibilities are such (data analysis) that I wouldn't carry the title anyway.

I vacilate. I have met some horrible practionners that are BSWs or MSWs. I have also met non-social work degreed folk who serve clients and the profession well. I know that from the NASWs perspective in an effort to professionalize the work they push for the formal credential. It is a bit self-reinforcing because that in turn supports social work schools and universities when folks go back to school to get another degree. ~ksp
Rose Red said…
I've been at my workplace for 14 years too. Your colleague is right, there are always swings and roundabouts, ups and downs - sometimes it is the right thing to do to ride them out, but sometimes a change can be good too (I imagine!)

Your title? Well, sounds like a triumph of form over substance! Oh well. At least you still get paid the same.
Bezzie said…
Yes, as long as they pay you the same they can call you Shirley for all I care ;-)
Sheepish Annie said…
It's some states, I actually qualify as a social worker. But my degree is in counseling, not social work. And, here in Maine, a social worker can be a guidance counselor even though they don't have a degree in counseling. Yeesh!

You are a social worker. You really, really are!
Julie said…
Not a social worker. Jeez o Pete. For the job you do, for the red tape you slog through, and for the crap you put up with, I say your new title should be Queen Donna Lee. Let me know if you want a name plaque, I can get one made.


Not a social worker. Sheesh.
Galad said…
Arizona has very strict rules about social work titles so I understand how that works. NASW does push for the formal credential, which sometimes eliminates wonderful practioners from jobs they would be great at.

I don't think your clients probably care whether you are a case manager or a social worker. I suspect they just call you an angel :-)

Hope the tooth gets better soon.
Louiz said…
Daft name changes for a job that sounds (to me, in the UK) like it should be called Social Worker, but... hey I used to be a Communications Operative (switchboard operator to you and me).

Have you tried taking yoghurt (live or otherwise) with the antibiotics? It can help.
I hope your tooth feels better. I don't think much is worse than a toothache.
Title, schmitle. Do what you do and you do it well.
Thanks for missing me!
catsmum said…
fingers still firmly crossed for no redo on the root canal
DPUTiger said…
Straight out of college, I had worked a ton at our radio & tv stations and had also worked 7 of 8 semesters on the school newspaper. I applied to be a PA at espn and was rejected out of hand because my degree was not in journalism. I'm still a little bitter :) Keep your head down. I'm sure the job will improve soon. Mine sure has! :)
TinkingBell said…
Oh hope the tooth and tummy feel better soon - you are going through the wars!! Thinking happy thoughts for you! Love the stash haul - and the gorgeous shawl! Sorry to be so long awway - all will return to normal once the editing is finished!
Roxie said…
Stick with the antibiotics even if they do make you sick. Yogurt is good. Brewer's yeast can help sometimes. Both can take a few days to kick in, so start now! Holding you in my heart and hoping for all the best!

What Galad said. You're an angel!!
Bells said…
As someone who's never been in a job for more than 2-3 years, I'm intrigued by the idea of weathering so many storms. When the going gets tough, I tend to get going. I think if you've been there long enough to get through stuff and learn and grow, then that says bucket loads about the place - and you!

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