One of the things I've learned over the years working in Social Rehabilitation is to never assume that everyone that signs up for a trip will show up that day. After days of warm sunshine, today we are having a damp, chilly, showery day. And today we were walking 8 blocks to the Constitution Center. I only had 9 people sign up (out of 18) because it meant walking. We had 5 people actually show up to go.

We left the building and walked down Locust Street. You can see the brick sidewalks that are ubiquitous in this part of the city. Ahead is Washington Square Park. I forgot to take a photo of the statue of George Washington. It stands on the grave of the unknown soldier from the Revolutionary War with a quote, "Freedom is a light for which so many have died in darkness". This whole park was once a revolutionary era grave yard. Now, it's an urban pocket of loveliness with benches that will be filled when the weather gets nice.

We walked through Independence Park. This is Independence Hall. At one time, the Liberty Bell was housed in here but now that has its own pavilion. Independence Hall is where the Declaration of Independence was read aloud for the first time in 1776. It's also where the delegates to the Continental Congress met to hammer out the constitution. After September 11, you couldn't walk through the park for years. It was fenced off and you had to enter the Hall from the front and had to be accompanied by a guard. Now, you still have to be accompanied and you're not allowed to wander around the Hall but you can sit in the park. This is Independence Hall from the other side, down by the Constitution Center. I love the fact that it sits amid all the modern buildings and still outshines them all.

And if you turn around and look behind you, there is the Constitution Center. They do not allow photos inside the exhibits. This bummed me out because there was a piece of woven fabric from the early 1700's that was beautiful. And an amazing array of artifacts.
We went to see the America I Am exhibit. It was the influence and importance of African Americans in American history. It was a breathtaking exhibit. I understand it is going to travel around to all the states so if it comes near, go see it.
I am not a history buff. Probably because I had teachers who were all about the dates and battles which I find boring. Tell me about the people. That's where the interesting stuff is. This place is all about the people. It was great. I can't wait to take Pk back. He loves history.
That was my morning. I got back to work about 1 and worked until 3:30 and then headed home. It didn't rain on us as we walked so I felt lucky. Now, I am home listening to Pk's table saw make boards out of a black walnut tree that my brother took down. I love the smell from the workshop/garage. It wafts up through the bedroom window.
It's time to find the mp3 player and go start dinner. Red beans and rice with chorizo. Thanks to Tinkingbell who mentioned chorizo this morning. I hadn't a clue what to make for dinner and she gave me an idea. Then maybe some knitting and an early bed. I haven't been sleeping well and I'm feeling beat.
Tomorrow is the last day of National Poetry Month. I have to spend some time deciding which one to end with!


amy said…
I Googled it but the site doesn't have the upcoming appearances listed. I would be interested in going, too. Yes, history should be about the people and stories. I think the dates are helpful only to place things in order--one should have a general idea of what came first. But I'd rather help my kids understand the people behind the history, not have them memorize battle dates and so on.
Sheepish Annie said…
Those no-shows don't know what they missed! What great photos!!
Rose Red said…
Great photos - thanks for sharing bits of your city (I love seeing old buildings right next to new ones - nice sense of history in one shot!).
Roxie said…
Thank you for taking us along on the walk, even if they wouldn't let us (virtually) enter the buildings.

I am so impressed that PK cuts up entire trees! That's quite the well-equipped workshop.
Geek Knitter said…
What a lovely city!
Bezzie said…
Now I wonder if they ever exhumed the old dead people in the park? Or are they still there??? I can't believe people were so weenie they didn't go!

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