This is blog post 499.  How weird is that?  (and how wordy!)  What have I learned in all that time? 

I learned that

  • people who don't even know me in real life can be kind
  • and generous
  • and, yes, loving
  • I can write whole paragraphs without saying anything
  • I really like having the blog even if sometimes I'm not sure if anyone is reading
  • I'm still not ready for facebook
  • or twitter
  • I am a very slow knitter but my skills are improving
  • I like trying new things and the internet is allowing me to see what others are doing
  • I'm probably never going to be a knitwear designer
  • I'm ok with that
  • I like shopping online but nothing beats being able to touch the yarn
  • I don't understand why everyone runs out to buy a yarn if the yarn harlot says she is using it
  • I like it that I can share a hobby with my daughters
  • and even my husband
  • spinning is as relaxing as knitting and one day I'll be really good
I've probably learned a lot more but it's been a long night.  No knitting here.  I spent over 2 hours on the phone with verizon techsupport.  Three different guys.  For some reason I could not sent out email.  I can receive it but got an error message when I tried to send it out.  It made it hard to reply to people.

The first guy was good and he seemed to really listen to me as I explained the problem and the steps we had taken to fix it.  He seemed to be able to fix it.  However, as soon as we disconnected, the problem came back.

I called back and got another guy.  He was not listening to me and kept trying the same thing over and over (something Pk and I had already done).  I thought about explaining the definition of insanity to him (trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results) but didn't think it would be helpful.  He decided my Outlook was corrupted and had to be reinstalled.  We didn't think so but we tried it.  He's going to call me back soon. (I'm still waiting)

We reinstalled Outlook and called back.  This time I got a guy who once again listened.  Especially to the part where I told him the machine came with Windows 7.  I heard his aha moment.  Windows 7 and Outlook XP have compatibility issues (Windows 7 seems to have issues with lots of things but then it's a new windows product).  He figured out the problem and told me how to fix it.  It's a pita but it works.  He also gave me the number for Microsoft so I could call them and see if there is a fix for it.  He said they'd had over a thousand calls regarding Windows 7 already but he'd not heard mine before so he'd learned something.  I like a tech guy who doesn't think he knows everything.  And my favorite tech guy tells me we have to  go and buy a book on Windows 7 since he wants to buy it in the spring after they've had some time to get some more bugs out.  He's a tech guy who knows that he doesn't know everything. 

I like that in a husband, too.


Galad said…
Glad you found a helpful tech guy - that makes a lot of difference.

I read every post you write and enjoy the little windows on your world. Thank you for taking the time to write as often as you do :-)
Rose Red said…
I agree with almost all your list! (except I'm on facebook and I can't spin!)

Hope you are feeling ok after your flu shot.
Bezzie said…
Sad when we get excited about honesty huh? Hope your email is working again soon and I can't wait til the next 499 posts.
Julie said…
We're reading!

It is amazing, what all's out here on the internet, isn't it!

Here's to the next 499 posts! Cheers!
Geek Knitter said…
Speaking as a tech gal... I love being presented with a problem I've never seen before, because the satisfaction of solving it is a great perk of the job.

Looking forward to your next 499 posts!
Bells said…
great stuff to have learned! But have you learned to love Ravelry?
Roxie said…
I love your blog. So glad that you are sticking with it. NOt only have you learned a great deal, you have taught (by example) a great deal. Things like, "Trust yourself" and, "Honest vulnerability won't kill you." And "What goes around, comes around."

Ravelry still doesn't trip my triggers either, though I can see the appeal for people who like to keep track of things.
Amy Lane said…
*LOL* -- I had to ask Mate what a 'pita' was! Yup... I too, love those tech guys!

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