So what was Kate's penguinski, you asked?  (Well, ok, you all didn't ask, Roxie asked).  She left a Lego penguin hanging from Peter Kevin's desk shelf, a foam penguin that said " It has begun, there is no hope" and a chocolate penguin was left on the dresser.  That one is a recycled bit of penguinski as Pk left it in her freezer last year.  No, we are not going to eat it.

Pk has struck, tying a penguin to Emily's license plate when she came here on Sunday.  Oooops, (I don't know if she found it yet so don't tell her!). 

And me?  I just keep letting my little penguin dance around the floor and watch his little hat bob up and down.  It makes me laugh each and every time.

In the time off news, I will be able to take the four days off between the holidays.  My supervisor told me to email him which days I wanted and he will "make it happen".  I am sooo glad.  I really didn't want to get up and go into work for 2.2 hours.  What a waste.

We gave ourselves the night off but tomorrow the baking of cookies and wrapping of presents has to begin in earnest.  Tonight I worked on my mitten.  I have only 15 rows until the decreases and then the thumb to finish.  It's not perfectly flat, there are some puckers.  It's been a while since I did any color work but I like it.  The color is more pink than this, but my phone camera picked up this color and I'm too lazy to get up and get the real camera. 

This is an enjoyable knit.  Each row is only 80 stitches and doesn't take too long.  The pattern is easy to follow and the colors look beautiful together.  And it's warm.  It feels really good on my hand.

Tomorrow I will be making the pfefferneuse that Pk loved last year and some butter horns, another one of his favorites.  He's going to make the pizzelles.  The house will smell like spices and sugar.  In other words, like Christmas.

I have only one more clinic and then mostly paperwork this week.  I'm showing The Grinch (the animated one of course) in group on Wednesday so no planning necessary.  I have about 15 treatment plans to get written so when I leave work on Christmas Adam (remember?  the day before Christmas Eve?) I am not leaving unfinished December work behind.  That is my goal.  It's totally doable if I pay attention and not let myself get distracted.

It's list time.  I need a list of things to get ready for the weekend (I have to make an ice mold for the wine punch, make the simple sugar for the wine punch and hot buttered rum, oh, and make egg nog) and  lists of cookies to bake.  I am a great believer in lists.  Besides, if I don't write things down, I don't remember them.

And Pk fixed my sewing machine so I can go back to making the gifts I wanted to make.  I'll show them to you after the holiday.  If I get them done.

But now, it's time for bed.   The elves obviously aren't going to do all this work without me.


Rose Red said…
Lego penguin! How cool! I love Lego so much!

I love your mitten too, it looks great. Hope you have a great week. I have a bit of shopping and baking to do, not to mention present wrapping!
amy said…
I love your mitten too! And it's bound to be warm with the double layer. Colorwork is perfect for warm mittens!
KnitTech said…
Let the games begin! What was the longest you guys had gone before finding the last penguin?
Roxie said…
Oh, I love the mitten! And the penguin wars delight me no end! What fun you guys have!

Hooray for your supervisor. Hugs and cookies to him/her!

I don't know how people can live without lists.

You will show us pictures of the more exotic cookies, won't you? Zombie Reindeer and hula snowmen and gingerbread ninjas?
Anonymous said…
gorgeous mitten. your preparations sound mouth watering. and im loving the penguin stories!
Amy Lane said…
I'm jealous of the color work--it's coming out beautifully! And the penguinski is AWESOME. Your family is just delightful, and your traditions are rockawesome!

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